Making the Most Out of Your Student Experience

Going through university can be an incredible commitment to make but with 3+ years of studying to get a degree, there are many ways to make the most out of your student experience.

Embrace Learning

Whether you chose to pursue a degree for the sake of your career, to appease your parents or to work on your passion, going to university is a choice that will inevitably take up a lot of time, money and effort. Since you’re already here, why not make the most out of your learning experience? By embracing learning, you open up opportunities for recognition of high achievements (i.e. through the Dean’s List), scholarships, exchange programs etc. This in turn will make you more competitive when applying for jobs and you will also learn plenty of new skills, from technical skills to interpersonal skills, that could be transferable across many roles. While ‘Ps get degrees’ and marks don’t matter much after graduation, don’t do yourself a disservice by neglecting the reason you’re at university in the first place.

Build Your Connections

Each individual’s course journey differs as semester timetables change and subject selections vary. This is a great opportunity to find fellow classmates and link together mutual friends, expanding your social network. It will make your learning experience a lot more fun and you could potentially be each other’s accountability buddy to make sure you stay up to date with your assessments. By making new friends, you could be encouraged to try new things, learn from the experience of others or help each other but best of all you could graduate together (yes for memorable grad photos to show your kids one day!).

Free Student Services

UTS offers a lot of services the students can use for FREE. This ranges from food to library resources (free online textbooks will save you $$) to student counselling services.

  • Hungry? Need a pick-me-up? During semester, on Tuesday and Thursday nights, UTS offers free noodle soup which is great for sustenance. (Grab a healthy bite to eat with Bluebird)
  • Need someone to talk to? UTS provides professional and confidential services for psychological, personal and uni related problems (Counselling service and self-help)
  • From online textbooks to research papers or even motivational workshops, UTS Library is the best resource for all things study.

This list goes on, click here to check out more.

Student Discounts and Memberships

As a student, you have access to a lot of savings and benefits. There are lots of apps that are easy to sign up for such as Student Edge or UNIDAYs. It doesn’t stop there, you can also get student pricing for a lot of software and programs – they’re sometimes even free! Some favourites include GitHub Education, 10% off Microsoft or Apple products, discount gym memberships, or my personal favourite, 2 for $10 Chatime! Make the most out of your entitlements and save the extra dollars.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

This applies to both friends and tutors. People are more willing to help you than you think but they won’t know when to offer their support unless you ask. Even if the person you ask doesn’t have an answer, by asking heaps of questions (no matter how stupid they could be) you could open topics for discussion or even be the voice for someone else that’s afraid to ask.

Join Societies

It’s a common occurrence to see many first year students joining various societies but not going to events – they don’t even realise what they’re missing out until later on when they’re close to graduating. Joining societies is a great way to make the most of your uni experience. From learning new skills, developing professionally, finding a hobby or snagging free things, there’s a society for everyone here at UTS.

TechSoc is one of the many societies you can join. As one of the largest student-run IT associations with members across different year groups and degrees, you’ll be sure to find a friendly face around. We have a variety of social, professional and networking events that you can engage with, and a great connection with the tech industry through our sponsors that will allow you to prepare for a career in tech. We encourage you to get involved and create lots of memories that you could look back and smile about!

Join UTS Tech Society

Get to Know Yourself

Coming out of high school unsure about what you want to do in the future? Fear not, university is a great place to experiment and see where your likes and dislikes are. It is relatively easy to change degrees and most of the time you could get credited for the subjects you’ve done in the past. Also don’t be afraid to explore beyond your degree and get involved in extracurricular activities such as clubs and projects. There are a lot of societies that allow you to work on projects despite your skill level so it’s a great way to find out what fits you.

To finish, don’t forget to have fun. Try your best to make things fun and to turn bad turnouts into great learning experiences. You’re always welcome to follow our socials and come to our events and reach out to our lovely execs and members who are open to sharing their experiences as well.